Mark Emerson

Are you an attorney who needs to file a sophisticated motion or ex parte but don't have time to write it? Mark Emerson can do the research and draft a powerful motion for you that is likely to be GRANTED if the facts are in your client's favor.

Did your office just get served with a massive motion that you don't have time to oppose? Mr. Emerson can research and write a strong opposition that will likely get the motion DENIED, assuming your client's facts are good.

Judges LIKE the way Mr. Emerson writes. He makes it EASY for a judge to see why he/she should rule in your client's favor.

"Mark, in 30 years of practicing law, I have NEVER seen ANYBODY who writes as well as you do, who analyzes and frames arguments so powerfully and effectively. On the opposition to demurrer you wrote, we were in a difficult position. And yet, the judge found for us on each and every point you made, overruling the demurrer in its entirety!"

-- Nolan King, Esq. (Cal. Bar #93358)

Do you need a hard-hitting complaint, cross-complaint, answer or demurrer prepared? Or an opposition to demurrer? Or written discovery to propound that pins down the opposing party? Or responses to discovery? Or motions to compel? Or evidentiary objections? Or a trial brief?

Mr. Emerson has prepared THOUSANDS of documents for more than 100 attorneys, and he knows what he is doing. He has even prepared writ petitions and appeals.

By scrolling down this page, you can see Mr. Emerson's areas of experience, comments from attorneys, and a long list of the types of documents he has prepared. You may also download samples of some types of documents and see for yourself the high quality of Mr. Emerson's work. However, the samples on this website are old -- his work is even better now.

Mr. Emerson was largely responsible for a half-million dollar settlement in a "David v. Goliath" case in Federal Court, where the principal tort occurred in the People's Republic of China, beyond the reach of U.S. Courts. "David" is a designer/manufacture, and "Goliath" is a global conglomerate with hundreds of subsidiary corporations. Mr. Emerson developed "David's" case and the theory on which the numerous corporate veils could be pierced (to reach defendant corporations within the U.S.), analyzed and developed the evidence, persuaded the attorney involved to sue seven (rather than two) of the corporations, drafted second and then third amended complaints that made tough allegations that were extremely damaging to "Goliath's" international reputation and core business, and wrote a string of plaintiff motions, and oppositions to defendant motions, on which the court consistently ruled in favor of plaintiff "David," typically quoting Mr. Emerson's text in its written orders. After these court victories, "Goliath" finally wanted to talk seriously, in part because it had to pay seven times as much as "David" each time it lost in court.

Mr. Emerson's legal services are ONLY available to attorneys.

1. Areas of Experience:

Business litigation.

Personal injury and wrongful death.

Employment litigation.

Unlawful detainer.

Family law.

Corporation and securities law.

Non-profit law, including corporations sole.

Enforcement of judgments.

Civil harassment.

In-depth legal research.

Working with the attorney's client as needed, including going through records at the client's site.

Working with private investigators.

Expert analysis of business and financial information.

Expert testimony in two fields: computer science and business/financial analysis.


Securities documents for filing with SEC and/or state authorities.

Patent applications, working directly with the inventor.

2. More Comments from Attorneys:

"Mark, your work is extremely high quality." --B.L., Esq.

"Motion granted. Thank you, Mark." --K.K., Esq.

"EXCELLENT work, Mark, and perhaps the best you have ever done for me. Kudos to you!" --L.B., Esq.

"The strategy you suggested worked, Mark. The judge granted our motion for reconsideration. Thanks." --T.B., Esq.

"Thanks again, Mark, for your superior work product." D.C., Esq.

"The complaint facts are well pleaded. You have very nicely crafted the story of the true terror this guy has been creating in [the clients'] lives." --L.B., Esq.

"Once again more than I expected. Thank you so very much." --K.K., Esq.

"I think Mark did a great job." [email from client to attorney]

"Mark, you're the best!" --B.P., Esq.

"Hey, this is totally cool. You are such a genius Mark. God loves me for sending you to me! I've been practicing law for 30 years, and you write BETTER than I do!" --L.B., Esq.

3. Types of Documents and Downloadable Samples:

Mr. Emerson has prepared the following types of documents, pursuant to both California and Federal actions, generally with favorable results. OPPOSITIONS to many of the types of motions have also been prepared. REPLIES to Oppositions were also prepared as needed. DECLARATIONS, REQUESTS FOR JUDICIAL NOTICE and PROPOSED ORDERS were included as needed. You may download samples of some types of documents (with identifying information redacted).

3.1. Pleadings and Petitions:


First Amended Complaint (click here to download sample FAC).

Nth Amended Complaint.


Answer (click here to download sample).

Divorce Petition.

Petition for Writ of Mandate, or Alternatively, Writ of Prohibition.

3.2. Noticed Motions (unrelated to discovery):

Motion to Quash Service of Summons [CCP 418.10].

Demurrer (click here to download sample demurrer or click here to download sample opposition to a different demurrer).

Motion to Strike [CCP 435-437] (click here to download sample motion).

Anti-SLAPP Motion [CCP 425.16-18].

Motion to Compel Arbitration.

Motion to Expunge Lis Pendens [CCP 405.30 et seq.] (click here to download sample motion).

Motion for Leave to File Amended Complaint [CCP 473(a)(1)].

Motion to Consolidate Cases [CCP 1048].

Motion to Determine Arrearages [family law].

Application to Modify Child Custody/Visitation Order [family law].

Motion for Reconsideration [CCP 1008] (click here to download sample motion).

Motion to Claim Attorney Fees and Costs [CRC 3.1702].

Motion Requesting Commencement of Contempt Proceeding and Issuance of Order to Show Cause RE Contempt [CCP 1211].

3.3. Ex Partes (unrelated to discovery):

Ex Parte Application for an Order Shortening Time (on pending Motion) [CCP 1005(b)].

Ex Parte Application for an Order to Continue Hearing on Motion.

Ex parte Application for a Right to Attach Order (for Writ of Attachment) [CCP 484.010, et seq.] (click here to download sample ex parte on Form AT-105; click here to download attachments to form AT-105, including memorandum of points and authorities).

Ex Parte Application for an Order Appointing Receiver [CCP 564, et seq.].

Ex parte Application for an Order to Set Aside Ruling [CCP 473(d)] (click here to download sample ex parte).

Ex Parte Application for a Temporary Restraining Order Prohibiting Harassment [CCP 527.6] (click here to download sample civil harassment petition on Form CH-100; click here to download sample declaration in support, including diagram prepared by Mr. Emerson).

Ex Parte Application for an Order Appointing Minor's Counsel [family law].

Ex Parte Application for an Order to Bank to Freeze Community Property Funds [family law].

Ex Parte Application for an Order to Continue Trial.

3.4. Discovery and Discovery Motions:

Special and Form Interrogatories (click here to download sample).

Responses to Special and Form Interrogatories.

Motion to Compel Responses to Interrogatories [CCP 2030.290] (click here to download sample).

Motion to Compel Further Responses to Interrogatories [CCP 2030.300] (and Separate Statement).

Production Demands (click here to download sample).

Responses to Production Demands.

Motion to Compel Responses to Production Demands [CCP 2031.300].

Motion to Compel Further Responses to Production Demands [CCP 2031.310] (and Separate Statement) (click here to download sample).

Requests for Admissions (click here to download sample).

Responses to Requests for Admissions.

Motion to Deem Requests for Admissions as Admitted [CCP 2033.280(b)].

Notice of Deposition (with Production Demands).

Ex Parte Application for an Order Compelling Appearance at Deposition.

Demand for Physical Examination [CCP 2032.220] (click here to download sample).

Motion for Mental Examination [CCP 2032.310].

Motion to Quash Subpoena (and Separate Statement) [CCP 1987.1].

3.5. Summary Judgment:

Motion for Summary Judgment, or Alternatively, for Summary Adjudication [CCP 437c] (click here to download sample).

Separate Statement with MSJ (click here to download sample).

Client Declaration with MSJ (click here to download sample).

Attorney Declaration with MSJ (click here to download sample).

Reply to Opposition to MSJ (click here to download sample).

Separate Statement with Reply (click here to download sample).

3.6. Settlement, Trial, Judgment and Post-Judgment :

Settlement Agreement.

Request to Enter Default and Default Judgment (with Plaintiff's Declaration and Proposed Default Judgment) [CCP 585, et seq.].

Motions in Limine.

Motion to Vacate Voluntary Dismissal (click here to download sample opposition to this motion).

Trial Brief.

Motion for Nonsuit [CCP 581c(a)].

Judgment after Trial.

Writ of Execution.

Sheriff Instructions for Bank Levy.

Notice of Levy (with Memorandum of Garnishee).

3.7. Legal Research Reports:

Alter Ego Liability by Piercing the LLC Veil, Including When the LLC Declares Bankruptcy to Evade Judgment.

Agent or Independent Contractor?

Do Sober Living Homes Require Licensure?

3.8. Expert Witness Services:

Declaration of Computer Science Expert Mark Emerson Pursuant to FRCP Rule 26(a)(2). (click here to download).

Evidentiary Analysis of the Button Defect on 60,000 Ladies Jackets Manufactured in China. This report was crucial to the above-described "David and Goliath" case, which settled for half a million dollars. (click here to download).

3.9. Non-Litigation Documents:

Opinion of Counsel Concerning Restraining Order.

Trademark Application (submitted online).

Patent Applications (both provisional and non-provisional) in the fields of computer database technology, educational technology, and plumbing.

Corporate Minutes of Meetings of Directors and Shareholders.

Articles of Incorporation for Nevada Corporation Sole (Church).

4. Non-Legal Experience

Mr. Emerson's multi-faceted career has included theater production, teaching (high school chemistry and mathematics), software engineering, writing, inventing, web site development, sales (life insurance and securities), and entrepreneurship--founding a school and founding a high-tech company.

5. Education

Mr. Emerson holds a B.A. in Mathematics (Magna cum Laude) from UCLA. He also holds a secondary teaching credential from UCLA.

When asked how he learned the law, he replies (in jest) that he graduated from the "School of Law at the University of Hard Knocks." It is an excellent school but is non-accredited! Mr. Emerson was the unfortunate victim of a series of egregious injustices, and the attorneys he worked with did not serve him well. In his quest to resolve his personal legal problems, he embarked on the study of the law himself. In 2004, his eldest son said to him, "Dad, you should do this for attorneys," and he took his son's suggestion.

6. Spiritual Nature of Work

Mr. Emerson is on a spiritual mission to spread the blessings Light, Love, Truth and Justice within the legal system (where, unfortunately, these blessings are desperately needed).

His legal work is done exclusively in the capacity of a spiritual missionary in service of Almighty God, where "Almighty God" has the identical meaning as in fundamental law:

"We, the People of the State of California, grateful to Almighty God for our freedom, in order to secure and perpetuate its blessings, do establish this Constitution."

California Constitution, Preamble, emphasis added.

His legal missionary work is done on behalf of Holy Realm of Surrendered Service ("HRSS"), to which checks for his work must be made payable. HRSS is an integrated auxiliary of The Legacy of the Angels, a spiritual organization whose goal is to eliminate needless human suffering worldwide by replacing the existing "legacy of darkness" that largely controls our civilization today with a new Legacy of Light.

7. Contact Mark Emerson

Land: 310-838-8095
Cell: 702-806-5791

Mr. Emerson is neither an attorney, nor a "paralegal" as defined by section 6450(a) of the California Business and Professions Code, nor a "legal assistant" or "attorney assistant" as defined by section 6454 of that Code, nor a "legal document assistant" as defined by section 6400(c) of that Code.

Mr. Emerson's services preparing documents to be filed in court, as well as any other work that might be construed as "practicing law" (if not performed for an attorney), are available exclusively to licensed attorneys. Mr. Emerson's services in connection with patents are available exclusively to USPTO-registered patent practitioners.